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How To Prevent Sexual Assault At College

Sexual assault is a long time problem that society is experiencing. In reality, it can happen in any neighborhood, community, school campuses, malls, schools, and other places. Everyone can be a victim. It is also possible that sexual assault happens at college, and this is a very dangerous situation to happen in college students. However, sexual assault can be prevented and avoided to happen at colleges. School authorities, faculty, and students need to be aware of how to deal with this problem so it can be avoided from happening.

Tips to Prevent Sexual Assault at College

1. Practice the buddy system
This is one move that can prevent sexual assault in college. It is because walking around the campus or outside the school can be dangerous when you are alone. Having a buddy or constant companion can give added safety to you as any offender is on a lookout for someone who does not have anyone to help or rescue them.
2. Learn a self-defense method
Enrolling in a self-defense class is a great advantage to protect yourself from sexual assault in college. Whether you are male or female, sexual assault can happen. In college, there are self-defense lessons given to students through Physical Education classes. Students should learn how to protect themselves from any untoward incident that may happen to them.
3. Protect your drink on any occasion
Always bear in mind that on any occasion, either a party, a formal gathering or just a lunch in the canteen, you should protect your drink at all cost because perpetrators always use liquid to execute their plan. Once your drink has been compromised with a drug, then it can put you in trouble where sexual assault can happen.
4. Think before you post
Do not make yourself too available and visible on social media. Your perpetrator could be your stalker as well. And with them knowing everything about you could put you in danger. Do not post the places that you will be going to so they will not be able to follow you.
5. Always lock doors
When leaving your room in your dorm, your car, or any other location that needs to be locked, make sure that it is locked properly. This is a way to prevent sexual assault from happening. Do not let any offender get entry to any of your whereabouts. Do not even let them near you.
Being aware of the things around you and having safety measures can prevent sexual assault. The community can work hand in hand to make sure college students are safe both inside and outside the campus. An awareness campaign is needed to end this disease in our society. Everyone needs to make sure that they look after one another so that no sexual assault will ever happen again.
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