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Realities of Sexual Assault on College Campus

The academics sector of the society does have one serious issue with having sexual assault happening on the college campus. In reality, this has been happening since back in time. With a large number of students, including teachers, there is a small portion of it where sexual assault is happening, and it leaves a traumatic experience to the victim. Sexual assault in college campuses has become rampant, and technology has contributed to the minds of the assailant in doing it. Mostly, when suspects are high because of drug usage, there is a big chance that a student can turn in a college rape victim. This situation will lead to an increase in sexual harassment statistics, which can be very dangerous.
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Realities of Sexual Assault Happening in the Campus

Drugs lead to Sexual Assault

Drugs have been a long time social issue, and this alone can lead one to commit sexual assault. And yes, it can happen on the college campus, where the younger generation is exposed to drug use. When a person is under the influence of drugs, they cannot identify any more if their victims inside the campus is a fellow student or a teacher. Drugs and sexual assault are realistically related to one another and remove one will help decrease the negative effects happening in society.

Sexual Assault leading to more rape victims on the college campus

In the incident of sexual assault, most of the time, it leads to students and teachers being raped. This reality is far from over, and people are already alarmed because, according to statistics, this mental illness in the society has been on-going since back in time. The cause of sexual assault has a lot to do with the mental issue of the suspect. There are hundreds of reasons why one can do it, and this reality must be resolved because if not, the case of rape victims will keep going higher, and the post-traumatic experience can lead to different negativities to the victim.

It leads the student victim to drop out of school

When realities struck the victim of sexual assault, most of them are avoiding schools that lead them to drop out because of the monstrous experience they had. This is not an easy issue on college campuses ,and most of the time, the victims are left on their own, having to choose to be alone and not finishing their studies. This is a horrible reality, and prevention and proper information dissemination can help in lessening the incidents.
Sexual assault can lead to negative effects on the victims, especially if they are just students. This can be resolved only if there are strict rules and precautions inside the college campus. Also, raising awareness can help lessen the incidents. This should help the victims get justice and find a more conducive place for them to study and finish schooling safely and in peace.