And It Was Wrong

Exception To The Rule

A month ago, I went home with a guy. We had just met, he had told me he went to the same university as me, and that he knew a couple of my friends (I have since asked these friends if they knew him and they have no idea who he is). It was 4 am, my friends had all bailed on me, and it would have taken a semi-expensive cab ride for me to get home. We kissed and he said I could sleep on the couch at his place, which was 10 min away. As we walked back to his place, he told me very personal stories and held my hand. I remember feeling a bit uncomfortable, but ...

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The football field

He was a starter on the football team and four years my senior. As a high school freshman, I was beyond ecstatic that he wanted to spend time with me. We talked, we texted, we flirted. One night, he even took me to a senior party- a bonfire. We danced, we talked and we drank... Oh did I ever drink. I was so intoxicated I could barely stand when he decided to take me home. How nice, I thought. While passing the football field, he stepped in front of me and kissed me. It felt wrong, so wrong. It escalated further. I said no. I cried. I said STOP... It didn't stop. Monday at school I was called a slut ...

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I Didn't Know What Else To Do

When I was 20, I married and had a wonderful baby girl. We had a cute apartment in one of the nicest neighborhoods in the state, two cars, and access to vacation time whenever we wanted it. It seemed like the ideal life, and everyone around me reinforced that notion by commenting on how lucky I was. My husband soon revealed his dark side, becoming emotionally and eventually physically abusive. He viewed my body as a spoil of marriage, insisting on sex when I was obviously in no condition to want it. He repeatedly "woke me up" by having sex with me and ignored my noises of pain and discomfort. He would insist on sexual activities that I did not ...

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I think she knew

When I was in elementary school, I would go to a babysitter's house almost every afternoon. There were other kids there too most of the time. We would play in the yard, go on walks with "puppy," build refrigerator box houses, and watch movies or draw with "Rick" my babysitter's husband. There was a gate that you had to climb, or when we were very young, had to be lifted over , to get to the bedroom. She kept the gate there to keep the dog from getting into the nice dining room/sitting room. We would go back there without her and after awhile, she was call for us to come out. Occasionally she would come back, but usually she ...

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